The Experience

It’s your senior year! I bet you can’t believe you have a senior. I know with my oldest son, I am in shock that I have senior as well.  I still remember that first day of preschool. But, senior pictures are another one of those wonderful milestones and my goal is to make your senior picture experience the very best it can be. I strive to make each session be 100% about you and your student.

Every appointment is a custom two hour outdoor session. It can take place anywhere you wish within a thirty mile radius of Canton. If you have special places in mind that have meaning to you or your student, let me know and I will try to include them in part of your session. Feel free to choose a local landmark, sports fields, or other location that has special meaning to you. If you need suggestions, I have a long list of my favorite locations that I am happy to suggest as well. I know a number of “secret spots” that can make your photos unique and special .

How it Works

Remember that sunlight, clouds, wind and other weather related issues are outside of our control. That’s why two pictures taken at the same location on separate days can appear to be so different. Even so, if the weather forecast appears to be unfavorable for any number of reasons (e.g. too windy, too rainy, too hot, too cold, etc.),  I will let you know and give you the opportunity to reschedule in hopes of a better day. If you decide not to reschedule,  I will do my best with whatever weather is thrown at us the day of your session.

Photo Tips

A good night sleep is key!

Please IRON your clothes!

Choose clothes that are form fitting.  Wearing clothes that are to loose or baggy make you appear boxy and wider than what you are.

Check your teeth!

Bring some powder/cover up to help hide those shiny spots if you did not get your make up done professionally.  Even guys can benefit from this (borrow your mom’s powder).

Bring some gel or hairspray to the session to help control those fly a ways.

If you wear glasses all the time check to see if you can have the lenses popped out for the session (this makes glare not an issue).

If you play a sport, instrument or have a special activity you like to do bring that item and we will work it in to your session.

Girls- bring comfortable shoes to walk between locations.

What should You wear ?

Picking out what clothing to wear for portraits is always a tough task. Here are a few tips:

  • You should avoid any kind of clothing with large patterns.
  • Texture and layers look great.  Bring a jacket or sweater to put over a shirt or dress.  Don’t be afraid to experiment.
  • You should avoid logos if possible. What is in style now probably won’t be later.
  • Solid colors work the best. Complicated patterns can be distracting in portraits. After all, this is about you and not your outfits!
  • If you are a girl, think color. The more colors you have, the better the image will pop.
    • Hats, bracelets, necklaces, handbags, scarves and cute headbands are fun to work with.
  • Guys tend to do better with simple looks.
    • If you want pictures with a tie, please think about the knot before the shoot.
    • Jeans also work well with guys but please pay attention to socks and make sure they match the outfit.
  • Most importantly just be yourself and stay true to your style.


All senior pictures packages include:
– Time and talent of the photographer.
– Unlimited clothing changes as allowed by the session time.
– Unlimited locations as allowed by session time, including travel between locations.
– Color, sepia and black/white images.
– No minimum print orders!
– Travel up to 30 miles (30 minutes).


Choosing to use a professional hair stylist and makeup artist for your senior pictures can make all the difference and is highly recommended.  If you do not choose to use a professional, you will still want to make sure to accompany your student to help them primp and straighten clothes during the session.  I am happy to help arrange for a professional stylist for you at an additional fee.  While this is certainly not required, It’s a decision you won’t regret.